Acer’s ‘Selfie Sombrero’ Is Perfect For The Narcissist With Way Too Much Money

Acer has reportedly teamed with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis for this ridiculous hat that holds a tablet for selfies.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

These World Cup Movie Posters Will Put You In The Mood For Soccer And Popcorn


Designers Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato combined their loves of soccer and movies with this World Cup movie posters series.


Taylor Swift Fans Threatened ‘Bad Kids Clothing’ Designers Over A Joke T-Shirt


The founders of a party lifestyle clothing company said they've been threatened by Taylor Swift fans over a novelty t-shirt that lists her boyfriends.


Got A Hunger For Some Dunkin Donuts In Your Car? GM Wants An App For That

If you’re the kind of person who loves to grab a donut and cup of coffee in the morning but hates running into sociopathic, racist women bent on destroying every remaining shred of humanity as we know it, General Motors is working on an automobile app system just for you.

jon contino

Meet Graphic Designer Jon Contino, A Self-Proclaimed ‘Alphastructaesthetitologist’

You likely didn't know his name, but you've probably seen the work of Jon Contino, one of the best designers going right now.

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