These World Cup Movie Posters Will Put You In The Mood For Soccer And Popcorn

Designers Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato of Invasione Creativa have two great loves in their lives – motion pictures and World Cup soccer. Both are on display in their new series “MOV(i)E TO WORLD CUP,” which features World Cup-themed movie posters that they created to “mix up our great passions.” Included in this brief but wonderful ménage à trois of soccer, cinema and design are tributes to some of the World Cup’s biggest players and movies like Pulp Fiction, 300, Godzilla, A Clockwork Orange and Skyfall.

The USA poster strikes me as an interesting pick, because I’d never think ET when I think of a truly American movie. I’d have probably gone with Wall Street, Patton or probably the most appropriate idea imaginable – Big Trouble in Little China, the greatest movie ever made. What’s that? Captain America is a better choice? I guess. If you’re into being really obvious.

(H/T to Gunaxin)

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