Behold, The Kinda-Racist Rockford IceHogs ‘Los IceHogs’ Poncho Hockey Jersey

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"Fiesta" your eyes on the Los IceHogs jersey, a special-occasion alternate for the AHL Chicago Blackhawks affiliate Rockford IceHogs.


10.8 The Cooler

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Voice of 'Dora' Suing Nickelodeon

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Caitlin Sanchez, the 14-year-old who provides the voice of Dora the Explorer, is suing Nickelodeon, claiming that the cable channel gave her a convoluted contract that cheated her out of millions of dollars.

#Kanye West

5.29 The Cooler

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People Are Stupid

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In the wake of the Arizona immigration debate, some people have started raising a stink over Dora the Explorer, <a href="" target="_blank">wondering if she is an illegal immigrant</a>.

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