This Guy Probably Wishes He Heeded The Warning Of The Pedestrian Who Told Him To Stop Racing His Lamborghini

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In the battle between Lamborghini driver and angry guy with a rock, angry guy with a rock always wins.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Talked Trash To The Cop Who Arrested Him For DUI. Imagine That!

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When Justin Bieber got arrested for his DUI, he decided bragging and talking sh*t to police was smart. It was not.


Sports On TV: Family Matters’ 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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did I do that This week, With Leather's semi-weekly look at the best sports moments from not-sports television shows goes back to its 80s roots to chronicle the jet pack rope climbs, Bushwhacker tag team matches and Grandmama slam dunks of ABC's TGIF founding father 'Family Matters.


This Week In 'Seriously?': Drag Racer Alexis DeJoria Is Engaged To Jesse James

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You know when your favorite sports team sucks and you’re like halfway through the season, so the owner fires the head coach and names some random schmuck the interim coach.



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Australian drag racer Phil Lamattina walked away from this crash with only a cut on his finger, and I suppose it makes me a bad person that I'm disappointed.

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