Justin Bieber Talked Trash To The Cop Who Arrested Him For DUI. Imagine That!

When you grow up in the entertainment industry with zero supervision, millions of dollars, and dress like a homeless Vanilla Ice impersonator, you’re going to have a huge ego. After Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI, he apparently started running his monotone, auto-tuneless mouth at the arresting officer. Via Rolling Stone:

After taking a sobriety test following his arrest for DUI and resisting arrest in January, Justin Bieber told police he was suffering from a hairline fracture in his right foot as a result of a skateboarding accident.

Bieber, who pleaded not guilty to DUI and other charges, also contested that he was drag-racing when the police arrested him and a friend in separate cars at a street blocked off by SUVs. As with his expletive-imbued arrest report, this new document, which described Bieber as “agitated and condescending,” said he questioned why he was arrested.

“He then got upset and said, ‘I’m 19 years old. I’m just out having a good time,'” the report said, quoting an officer. “‘What were you doing when you were 19?'” When the policeman said he was not driving a yellow Lamborghini around, Bieber replied, “Yeah, well, I bet you didn’t have millions of dollars in your bank account either.”

The pop star claimed that the SUVs blocking the street were not blocking a drag race, but acting as security to protect him from paparazzi that had been trailing him. When the officer commented to another policeman that Bieber and his friend seemed to have difficulty driving the sports car, Bieber said, “What? I’ve been driving Lamborghinis since I was 15.”

And then the officer took out his club and beat Bieber within an inch of his life as puppies fell from the sky with kitty cat parachutes. Okay, so that part didn’t happen, but that would’ve been fantastic. He’s been driving Lamborghinis since he was 15, you guys. That obviously means he knows how to handle it whilst sitting on phone books and wearing long sleeve shirts for pants. So, he got a DUI, what did the tests find in his system?

The drug test found the active ingredient in both Xanax and marijuana in his system. A Breathalyzer revealed traces of alcohol, but the level was below the 0.02 threshold determining whether a person under 21 is legally “intoxicated.”

Jeeez, I wouldn’t even play a video game with all of that in my system let alone get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. But then again, I don’t have the experience of driving one since I was 15. But, I did go for a spree of fifty hacky sack kicks when I was 15, so how about that?

Via Rolling Stone