Man In Inflatable Bubble Attempts To Run From Florida To Bermuda, But Fails Miserably

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The U.S. Coast Guard was forced to rescue the man after he finally realized the error of his journey.


Screw It, We Give Up: Here Is A Dog Playing A Waltz On The Piano


It's a summer Thursday in July. We're really sorry, but this is about the best we can do right now.

kim jong un

Kim Jong Un Does Not Care For This YouTube Video Making Fun Of Kim Jong Un

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Why look here, it appears that East Asia's crankiest dictator is getting all worked up over something stupid again.


Teenager Snaps Smiling Selfie At Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Responds To Backlash With ‘I’m Famous Yall’

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Breanna Mitchell tweeted a smiling selfie from the Auschwitz concentration camp, and is basking in the controversy the photo has caused.

#video games

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Thinks Activision And A Murderous Dictator Are The Same Thing

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Mika Brzezinski is apparently a neuroscientist, and knows video games are bad for you. Honest.


This Is Why You Should Never Try To Take Selfies With Squirrels

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This man perfectly demonstrates over a two part photo series why you should not take selfies with wild animals,


Good News! We Now Live In A Time Where Alcohol In Powdered Form Is Nearly Upon Us

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The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just approved alcohol in powdered form called Palcohol. You're welcome?


Kids Continue To Be The Dumbest Ever By Self Harming Themselves In An 'Eraser Challenge' Game

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Kids at a middle school in Connecticut have come up with a new game that involves erasing the skin off of their arms, because WHY?


An Omaha News Station Thought A Malaysian Flight 370-'Lost' Mashup Was A Good Idea

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Local Omaha's KETV NewsWatch 7 teased a story on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 theories with a poorly Photoshoped 'Lost' poster mashup. Good job.

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