Who Wants To Watch This College Bro Chug An Entire Bottle Of Maple Syrup?

If you can’t do incredibly dumb things while you’re in college, then when can you do them? That’s the only explanation I have for this YouTube video, which was posted back in May. In it, a guy holding a bottle of maple syrup tells his buddies that, “in an hour, he could drink this entire thing.”

An impressive feat, for sure! I know I would personally be impressed if someone drank an entire bottle of maple syrup in an hour. And not even the real, 100 percent Vermont kind; like the full-on high fructose corn syrup Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima chemical sugar.

Well, to hell with that because dude slams it back in just under 50 seconds. And, if you’re wondering, yes, he’s still alive; no, he doesn’t have diabetes; and yes, he spent a solid portion of his evening throwing up syrup, as he writes on the Reddit thread the video was posted in:

For those wondering what the f*ck I was thinking: I had been up for about 32 hours at this point, 23 or so spent working on a final project that I had to present earlier in the day, and the rest spent at the bars with my friends post presentation, so I wasn’t exactly playing with a full deck of cards at this point in the day. Throwing up syrup was just about as terrible as it sounds, I could have very well been working at an iHop just puking on pancakes, as it was nearly 100% syrup coming back up that night. Worst part of it all was the syrup coming out of my nose, 0/10 would not recommend to a friend.

He also writes that he hasn’t had syrup on anything since, and, if my collegiate experience with Dr. Pepper mixed with Southern Comfort is any indication, he likely never will again. Sorry, dude.

(Via Reddit)