CNBC’s Jim Cramer Got Roasted Hard After Posting A Somewhat Deceptive Photo Of Empty Shelves In A Store

Jim Cramer, the longtime host of CNBC’s Mad Money, is known for his incessant—and often unwarranted—yelling. Now he’s on the receiving end of a string of shouting voices, who are berating him for posting a misleading image to Twitter of what appears to be an aisle full of empty store shelves with a snarky one-word caption: “suboptimal.” But the only thing that might be suboptimal here is Cramer’s eyesight, as it was clear to most people who took even a quick glance at the image that these “empty” shelves were simply being prepped to be filled with Whitman’s samplers, conversation hearts, and other Valentine’s Day-themed items.

As The Wrap noted:

Cramer was presumably offering economic commentary on the potential plight of consumers amid the combined effects of supply-chain shortages and the Omicron variant’s COVID-19 surge.

But what Cramer apparently failed to see were pink strips below the featured shelves, prompting many to take the CNBC host to the presumptive cleaners over what they saw as a short-sighted attempt—with the photo revealing nothing more than a store that had made room for Valentine’s Day inventory.

Cramer’s tweet quickly went viral and got the term “Valentine’s Day” trending. And it didn’t take long for his fellow Twitter users to point out the err of the CNBC host’s ways. Some people called on Cramer to publicly acknowledge that he had either made a mistake, or was intentionally trying to mislead his 1.7 million followers:

Others were more straightforward:

While others helpfully suggested that Cramer get out of the damn way so that the store’s employees could do their jobs:

Cramer has yet to follow up on his photo, or tweet again.

(Via The Wrap)