Jimmy Kimmel Is Tickled By A Homeless Man Who Casually Called A Shout-y Anti-Vaxxer A ‘Dumb F*ck’ Outside Of His Studio

After nearly two years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, many states are still seeing record-high numbers of infections and hospitalizations. Why? Simple: Vaccinations, you dumb f*ck! On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel gave his viewers an update on the COVID situation in America right now—and in California in particular. “A lot of people want to know why COVID numbers are so low here, and experts believe it’s because we haven’t had a Kid Rock concert in California since August of 2018,” Kimmel joked.

After putting up a COVID map of community transmission rates, Kimmel pointed out how California and Connecticut were the only two states not in the bright red danger zone. And he has an idea as to why that is: While the nationwide average of fully vaccinated adults is only about 57 percent, “more than 80 percent of eligible Californians are vaccinated,” Kimmel explained. “And many who are not are taking to the streets now to protest mandatory inoculation.”

Kimmel then showed footage of the scene right outside his studio, “where one loud anti-vaxxer got a hard clapback from a man living on the streets.” In it, a small group of clearly clueless anti-vaxxing “protestors” decided to cite the homeless population as part of their argument for why vaccines are unnecessary. Here’s how that went:

Protestor: Do you see all these homeless people around? Are they dead in the streets of COVID? Hell, no! Why?

Homeless Man: Because I’m vaccinated, dumb f*ck.

“She did ask why,” Kimmel pointed out.

You can watch the full exchange above, beginning around the 1:30 mark.