Trump Is Still Utterly Obsessed With — And Terrified Of — Windmills: ‘They Kill Everything’

Donald Trump is confused about a lot of things: Whether the zipper goes in the front or the back, how to drink water, whether it’s appropriate to describe your daughter as “voluptuous,” how to observe an eclipse without blinding yourself, what a president does, and what windmills do. For years, for the former president has had a lot to say about windmills, including that they cause cancer, yet it’s unclear whether the 75-year-old has ever seen a windmill—and/or if he’s confusing them with pinwheels (the spinny toy that kids like or the cookie). But, like a more deluded but less lovable Don Quixote, Trump’s windmill fixation persists. And this time he’s warning you that “they kill everything.”

On Wednesday evening, Trump called into chat with pal Sean Hannity. While one can only assume that he was looking for a little attention while Joe Biden was off hobnobbing with Vladimir Putin, the conversation quickly went off the rails—even for Trump. Chatting away like his teeth were falling out of his mouth, the 45th president of the United States was talking about… something. When all of a sudden he started talking about windmills. Again. (Pronunciation of intermittent all his.)

“They’re making windmills all over the place. They ruin our land and kill our birds. They kill everything… And they’re very intermittent, as you’ve learned from watching over the last four months. It’s in-ter-mit-tent energy. It’s not good. It’s not going to power our great factories. And it’s a real problem.”

Jordan Peele: If you’re reading this, Windmills sounds like a great idea for your next movie. Have your people call our people.

Even Hannity didn’t know what to do with this rant. He basically tried to cut Trump off at one point but they just ended up talking over each other. You can listen for yourself below.

(Via The Daily Beast)