This Girl Probably Should Have Cleaned Up Better Before Sending A Selfie To Her Entire Family

The girl in these iMessage screenshots was so excited for her upcoming interview, at — I don’t know, the sweatshirt store? I mean her hair may be on fleek but I hope she’s going to wear something nicer than that. Anyway she was so excited about her upcoming job opportunity that she sent her entire family a selfie for good luck, but regrettably neglected to clean up a couple of errant dildos sitting on the back of the toilet.

Instead of just shutting her eyes as tightly as possible and wishing so hard that her blooper would pass undetected, she instead frantically alerted her brother, pleading for him to create a diversion to distract from the dildos. In all honesty, no one would have noticed in the first place if she didn’t point it out herself, so I think she more than earned herself a place in the blurred-face imgur hall of fame. Learn from this girl’s mistakes, people.

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