Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Fuming About How ‘You Can’t See The Footage’ Of The Jan. 6th Insurrection When Everyone Can Clearly See It

On January 6, 2021, millions of people watched on in horror as hundreds of insurrectionists busted through security barriers and crashed through windows to illegally enter and attempt to overtake the Capitol building. Those images were horrifying to watch in real time, but were practically PG-rated compared to the security camera footage and other never-before-seen videos that have been brought forth during the first two days of the hearings surrounding the attack. Yet Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to have somehow have missed ALL of this, as she’s demanding to know why we haven’t seen any photographic evidence of the supposed MAGA coupSay what?

As Raw Story reports, the Georgia congresswoman was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting on Monday and complained about how she was being partly blamed for the events of January 6, but seemed confused about whether she was admitting that there was a violent attack on the Capitol or not.

“Third day on the job, the Capitol gets breached, then they blame me and President Trump and many other Republican members of Congress for doing it,” Greene complained. “I was so shocked, and I’ll tell you what was so shocking: I thought the Capitol was the most secure building in our country, at least.”

When the host noted that the Capitol is outfitted with thousands of cameras, Greene wildly claimed that “Well there are lots of cameras, but you can’t see the video footage. I don’t know why you can’t.” Again: Say what?

Even if Greene truly HAS totally managed to avoid seeing ANY photographic evidence of the violence at the Capitol on January 6, the House Select Committee played an 11-minute video of never-seen-before footage (which you can see below) during its first primetime hearing last Thursday night. So it would follow that she’s not watching those either.

As Raw Story writes:

[T]here have been massive releases of video and photographic evidence, including images taken by the insurrectionists themselves. The U.S. Dept. of Justice, and the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack have released video and photographic evidence. There was also video and photographic evidence released by the House impeachment managers during Donald Trump’s second impeachment.

Yet, somehow, any and all video footage of that day seems to have eluded poor Margie. Amazingly, not everyone seems to believe Greene, who is a big fan of the “I don’t recall” defense.

(Via Raw Story)