Did You Notice When These Popular TV Shows Changed Their Theme Songs?

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These popular shows made dramatic changes to their themes songs, for better or worse.


What’s On Tonight: Felicity Goes Goth On ‘Arrow’

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Felicity gets an origin story on 'Arrow' and the kids get addicted to a mobile game on 'South Park'.

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Keri Russell Makes Jimmy Fallon Wear Her ‘Felicity’ Wig On ‘The Tonight Show’


Keri Russell once made headlines for her hair, but is now reduced to promoting wigs on 'The Tonight Show'...and doing kick ass cable dramas.


The Cast Of ‘The Americans’ Keeps A ‘Felicity Wall’ As A Tribute To Keri Russell

By | 3 Comments

To pay tribute to Keri Russell's most famous TV character, her castmates on 'The Americans' keeps what they call a 'Felicity Wall.'


How To Determine If A J.J. Abrams’ Show Will Be Any Good Before Watching It

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A look over J.J. Abrams' television career, and how to determine if one of his shows will succeed without watching it.

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