Take A Tour Of A Fleshlight Factory With A Model Who Has Given Her Vagina To The World

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A model whose vagina has been used in making Fleshlights paid a visit to a factory that makes and packages the sex toys.


The Fleshlight Attachment For Your iPad Is Sure To Be The Hot Item Come This Holiday Season

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The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is the next level in creeping out your friends while shaming your parents. Buy one today!

pussy rock

Watch A Guy Sing Into A Fleshlight About Not Being Able To Get A Real Girl To Love Him

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I'm not sure if this spot makes me want to buy a Fleshlight or feel sad for bros who have to use them as their only means to get off.


Belle Knox Is Bummed Over Duke Losing To Mercer, Offers Free Sex Toys To Duke Basketball Players

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Duke porn star Belle Knox is sad that her team lost, so she offers her sex toys to the team for free.


Chinese News Report Confuses Fleshlight for a Rare Mushroom

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"Xi'an Up Close," an investigative journalism series that airs in China, recently ran a report about residents of the Liucunbu village digging a "soft, slimy object that looked like a plant" out of the ground.

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