Take A Tour Of A Fleshlight Factory With A Model Who Has Given Her Vagina To The World

This somewhat-NSFW video you’re about to watch (or are already watching) was published to YouTube a little more than a year ago, so normally this would be filed under “Old News, Bro.” However, I am invoking my rights under the Internet’s “I’ve Never Seen It” Law of 2007 and the fact that it still only has 115K views in sharing it now, as well as the fact that it’s just plain awesome. Some of the fellas out there might already be familiar with “erotic model” Eufrat Mai, but those who don’t know her *wink, wink* can meet her now in this video from Spain’s Metropolis, as her vagina has been used to create Fleshlights.

Mai was invited by Metropolis to tour a Fleshlight factory in Seville so she could see firsthand how her vagina is manufactured as a sex toy for men all over the world to use. The result is a wonderful combination of adorable and absurd, as she was treated like an A-list celebrity while taking a tour of the factory floor. More than anything, though, the way she pronounces vagina is simply delightful…

WAH-GEE-NAH. WAH-GEE-NAH. WAH-GEE-NAH. I can’t stop saying it. Beyond that, I can’t decide which part I love the most – the manager of the Fleshlight factory admitting that he used her model…

… or the Metropolis host getting in on the fun…

Well, regardless, the important thing that we all learned from this is WAH-GEE-NAH.

(H/T to Reddit)

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