Allow This Prankster To Show You How To Effectively Deal With People Jabbering On Their Phones In Public

People jabbering on their mobile phones in public are a menace. Watch one man attempt to defeat them.


Real Life Facebook Prank

Internet prankster Greg Benson surprised some of his Facebook "friends" that he'd never met before.


Elevator Weatherman Prank

Don't make small talk about the weather to Greg Benson unless you're ready for a complete forecast.


Restroom Attendant Prank

A fancy restroom attendant sets up in a tiny gas station restroom.

greg benson

This Is Just An Accurate Description Of A 'F***in' Cruise Ship'


For any of you who have never been on a cruise ship here's an amazingly succinct and accurate (and profanity-laden) description from vlogger Greg Benson. Also, ice cream bars are legit.


Baby Talk at the Beach

Greg Benson and Jack Vale take their "Talking Baby Talk to Adults" prank to the beach.


Talking Baby Talk to Adults

Greg Benson and Jack Vale stand outside a supermarket and talk to adults like they're babies.

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