This Comedian’s Unusual Tour Of Manhattan Will Delight And Amuse You

11.16.15 2 years ago

Travel videos can be a bit of a slog, can’t they? As you politely sit through some drip drone on for hours about how Boise has a Chipotle in the downtown or whatever, there’s that nagging feeling the whole thing could be done faster and with more casual swearing.

Say howdy to Greg Benson, who’s figured out the most sensible way of showing off a city quickly and with as many F bombs as possible. The comedian has been providing foulmouthed travel guides for a while now, and we’ve finally reached his take on New York City. Congrats, NYC.

In a New York minute (apologies), Benson treats the viewer to such marvelous sights as the”f*cking Empire State Building,” the “f*cking Chrysler Building” and “f*cking Shubert Alley.” Is sightseeing not your thing? There’s also “f*cking Shake Shack,” “f*cking Good Morning America” and “f*cking trash” getting some (very brief) time in the spotlight.

We’d moan a bit about the “f*cking Mets” spot just being video of Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista’s bat flip against the Rangers, but we’ll cut this f*cking guy some f*cking slack because he’s got a lot of f*cking Big Apple stuff to smoosh in with not a lot of f*cking time allotted.

Will this clip inspire Rick Steves to gush in a gleefully profane way about the sights of Luxembourg on your local PBS station? Probably not. Is it good clean dirty fun? Indeed it is!

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