Batman Is A Terrible Password

‘Batman,’ ‘Dragon,’ And ‘696969’: Here Are The 25 Least Secure Passwords Of 2014

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Apparently "Batman", "Password", and a series of 1s aren't the best passwords according to cyber security experts.


A Very Smart And Totally Realistic Ranking Of The Sexiest Movie Hackers

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With 'Blackhat' comes the time-honored Hollywood trope of sexy action hero hackers, so let's revisit some of the all-time best.


Michael Mann Says ‘Blackhat’ Is ‘The Real Thing’ Because He Spent Time With The House Intelligence Committee

By | 14 Comments

Director Michael Mann spent time with the former head of the House Intelligence Committee to make 'Blackhat' more accurate.


Crayola’s Facebook Page Got Hacked By Someone With A 6th Grade Sense Of Humor

By | 6 Comments

Crayola is on the PR defense after someone hacked their Facebook page and started posting crude material.

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Is Lena Dunham Responsible For The Sony Hack? Maybe!

By | 13 Comments

Lena Dunham is obviously the person who hacked Sony. Send her to Guantanamo and cancel Girls immediately.

John Cena

You Can’t See John Cena, But Someone Has Seen His Facebook Password

By | 15 Comments

It looks like somebody might have hacked John Cena's Facebook profile over the weekend, and you'll never guess what they posted.

#The Interview

US Officials Are Saying That North Korea Is Behind ‘The Interview’ Hack Attack

By | 29 Comments

Hours after the scuttled release of 'The Interview', US officials have indicated that North Korea is behind the cyber attacks on Sony.

#The Interview

Sony Has Officially Canceled The Release Of ‘The Interview’

By | 98 Comments

Because of the terror threats made by the so-called Guardians of Peace hackers, Sony had decided not to release 'The Interview.'

#The Interview

Homeland Security Says There’s ‘No Credible Intelligence’ Regarding Movie Theater Attacks

By | 13 Comments

After Guardians of Peace threatened 9/11-type attacks over 'The Interview,' Homeland Security claims there is no evidence of a threat.

#The Interview

‘Guardians Of Peace’ Hackers Are Now Threatening A 9/11-Type Attack On Theaters Showing ‘The Interview’

By | 42 Comments

The 'Guardians of Peace' have issued a serious and threatening warning for any theaters that plan to show 'The Interview.'

#The Interview

North Korea Allegedly Hacked Sony Pictures Over Seth Rogen And James Franco’s ‘The Interview’

By | 8 Comments

Sony Pictures is exploring North Korea as a possible connection to a recent cyber attack linked to threats over new film 'The Interview'.


Hack The Planet With This Supercut Of Nineties Movie Computer Scenes

By | 4 Comments

Watch this video supercut of some of the most ridiculous '90s movie computer hacking scenes.


Time To Change Those Passwords: 7 Million Dropbox Accounts Have Allegedly Been Leaked

By | 8 Comments

Hackers have allegedly gotten their hands on millions of Dropbox accounts through a third-party resource, meaning its new password time.

#Justin Bieber

Did Justin Bieber’s Manager Buy YouTube Views To Help Make Him Famous?

By | 17 Comments

A Vocativ reporter received a suspicious tip questioning Biebs' video views.


This Terrifying Stranger Hacked Into Baby Monitor System To Scream At A Child

By | 4 Comments

A couple awoke one night to hear a man screaming from inside their baby's nursery, who had apparently hacked into their baby monitor.


A Bunch Of Hackers Discovered A Way To Greatly Improve Netflix Binge Watching

By | 12 Comments

SCIENCE has an answer for falling asleep while watching Netflix.


If You Are Using An Apple Product, You Might Want To Update Your Security Immediately

By | 8 Comments

A security fault is causing Apple a headache and putting encrypted user data at risk.


A Security Flaw Exposed Tinder Users Exact Location For Months


Tinder had a security flaw that exposed users by giving away their exact location for months. Quick, look over your shoulder!


The Real-Life Hacker Who Worked On ‘House Of Cards’ Explains His Contributions To The Show

By | 18 Comments

"House of Cards" brought in a real-life hacker to help make Season 2 more accurate. In a new essay for The Guardian, he discusses what he brought to the show.

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