Heads Up: Everything You’ve Uploaded To Instagram Is Now On The Web

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Hope there was nothing embarrassing on your Instagram account, because somebody may have already found it.


Brazilian Newspapers Blame Google News For Their Problems


Newspapers: "Increased competition? Declining readership? Cultural irrelevancy? It must be the most visible search engine causing all our problems!"


So Facebook Changed The Email On Your Profile Without Asking


As ticked off as people are over this, though, it's more annoying than malicious.


Does The World Really Need A New DoS Attack?


A favorite tool of Anonymous and whiners who think they're Anonymous, the denial-of-service (DoS) attack is, basically, shutting down a website by making it impossible to connect to the Internet.


Another Chinese iPad Factory Exploded Today


In what will no doubt be covered as a story about iPad scarcity instead of a story about work conditions in China, a Chinese factory that was supposed to build iPad back panels blew up today.

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Another Day, Another Gaming Service Hacked


You know, you'd think game companies, of all people, would be aware that their fan base tends to have a large contingent of teenage nerds, who also tend to be interested in computers and also tend to be interested in the online equivalent of mailbox baseball.


Study: Teenage Gamers Have The Same Brains As Gamblers

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Let's lead this with what all the other coverage won't: scientists haven't determined whether video games give teenagers gambler brains, or if they already had the gambler brains beforehand.

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Lying On Your Online Dating Profile? The Government May Be Coming For You


We understand that the governments of the world are a little behind on this whole "internet" thing, what with trying to censor it and pass laws that allow people to shut down a site in the blink of an eye and all that, but you'd think that they would at least be aware that prosecuting over the Terms of Service on a website is, well, pointless.


Frank Miller To Beat Sin City Into The Floor


Frank Miller has become an object lesson in what happens when you pretty much go insane in your middle age.


Fox News Gets Video Games Wrong. Again.

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My alter ego is that of a graduate student at a major media college with a respected journalism department, and that journalism department made me stop hating Fox News, and start pitying everyone involved in it.

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Oh Great — Norway’s Terrorist Monster Loves Video Games


Just to be clear: We're not trying to make light of the Norway attacks here.


New on TLC: ‘Juan y Katia Mas Siete’

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TLC is the undisputed industry leader in creating shows about parents with huge litters of children, which is why it's the #1 network among people who find zoos intellectually challenging.

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