Matthew Pierce Breaks Down Projected No. 1 Pick In 2015 Draft, Matthew Pierce


In recent months, NBA draftniks and team player personnel have privately expressed concern over the proposed raising of the NBA draft age.


Eryn Koehn & Austin Vesely Share The Making Of Their “Sex Tape”

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Ever wonder what it'd be like to watch yourself in the sack.

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Capcom’s New Challenger: Tobias Funke?

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Apparently Tobias Funke will have a key role in many of Capcom's upcoming games.

Star Trek Into Darkness

‘Star Trek Into Darkness': What A Bitter Trekkie Really Wants To See

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Most Trekkies probably won't like 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. But they'll see it anyway, and here's what one would like to see.


Robot Chicken's DC Special Mixes Obscenity, Continuity Porn

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Robot Chicken finally sticks it to DC. But when will we see the Twisted Toyfare Theater Avengers?


20 Panels Of Archie Out of Context

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Recently pointed out to us by reader Krato5, "Archie Out of Context" is a brilliant Tumblr that does exactly what it says: takes one or a few panels of Archie comics out of context.

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Ten Board and Card Games That Are Likely Already Becoming Movies

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"Battleship" is going to get sunk this weekend by "The Avengers", but it doesn't matter: it's already a hit. It cost $209 million and it'll probably make $400 million across the world when all is said and done, meaning that the studio will break even on the movie.


Quotables For Days: Grannies Watch Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

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It was a pleasant spring afternoon, when three elderly woman sitting in front of pictures of their beloved grandchildren decided to cap off a quaint ladies-only lunch with an intimate viewing of Kim Kardashian and Ray J's infamous sex tape.

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Awkward Mario Can't Jump Away From This

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So, a reader calling himself Jumpman sent us this link to a promotional picture from Nintendo of America the other day.

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Jean-Luc Picard Is Sick Of Your Crap

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In light of our tribute to Worf constantly getting his ass kicked yesterday, we thought about what would happen if the Captain of the Enterprise, everybody's favorite Frenchman, Jean-Luc Picard, would say if he finally snapped.


“The Avengers Shouldn’t Text” Is the Best Tumblr You’ll See All Week

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We've officially found the funniest Tumblr about any Marvel character that has existed, with the possible exception of "X-Men With Googly Eyes": "The Avengers Shouldn't Text.


Violinist Clowns Jerk With Cell Phone, Becomes Internet Hero

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The violinist here is Lucas Kmit, your new hero.


Nickelback Pokes Fun At Detroit’s Dislike

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If anyone was going to redeem Nickelback after the mere thought of their Thanksgiving performance got panned by the general public, it's Funny Or Die! Yes, the website built from Ron Burgundy's ashes has enlisted the Alberta, Canada band and that squirelly fellow from The League to come up with ideas that will uphold the Motor City's high standards.


Today In Nintendo Humor, Intentional And Accidental


We've got not one but two videos for you today, both about Nintendo, and only one of them deliberately funny.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Scientifically Proven Webcomic Gags


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a daily humor strip that’s as quick with a physics gag as it is with a dirty joke.


99 Hilarious, Ironic And All-Around Strange Church Signs

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A long time ago, as a young boy growing up in feudal Japan, I asked my mother and father, “Where do babies come from.


100 Inexplicably Funny Google Search Result Suggestions

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I don't find myself using search engines that much, what with my already complex and vast knowledge of anything and everything, but on occasion I'm forced to use Google in case I need lessons in how to do something practical like remove a bullet from my arm or save a wounded animal from predators or raise children.

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