This San Francisco Tour Guide Lets Chinatown Know How She Really Feels

By | 6 Comments

This video shows an awful San Francisco tour guide unleashing a racist rant over everything she hates about Chinatown.


Nate Diaz Is Trying To Quit His Job Via Twitter

By | 9 Comments

UFC's Nate Diaz has taken quitting your job to hilarious new places by trying to quit UFC over Twitter. At least he included an @danawhite.


How Did The Boss Of That Lady From The Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Respond To Her Decision?

By | 5 Comments

A 36-year old woman named Gwen actually quit her job in Go Daddy's Super Bowl XLVIII commercial and her boss seems to have handled it well.


Here’s The Latest Nominee For The Most Embarrassing MMA Fighter Of All-Time

By | 6 Comments

A Brazilian MMA fighter fed up with getting his butt kicked spit out his mouth guard, called time out and jumped out of the octagon.

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