This San Francisco Tour Guide Lets Chinatown Know How She Really Feels

The last time that I went to Chicago, I really wanted to go to The Wiener’s Circle so I could get a hot dog and be screamed at by the staff, because it looked like so much fun that time that Jack McBrayer and Triumph went there for Conan. I didn’t get to go, though, and I was upset about it, because it’s fun to be yelled at by people who are “pretending” to hate you. The reason that I bring that dumb anecdote up is because this video of a tour guide losing her sh*t in San Francisco makes me hope that she works for a company that uses the same business model as The Wiener’s Circle. Even then, that’s not a good enough excuse for the things that she had to say about the people of Chinatown.

This soon-to-be viral video’s title claims that this tour guide was working her very last day for whichever company she was ruining on the way out. Despite the awkward cheering and laughing at one point, I don’t think that this tour bus company has a theme. I also can’t think of a way that this could be an effective viral marketing video, unless it’s for one of those anti-hate groups. If that is the case, someone should take credit for it now, because the comments on this video are already reaching peak YouTube.

(H/T to Bro Bible)