Nate Diaz Is Trying To Quit His Job Via Twitter

UFC fighter and The Ultimate Fighter 5 Nate Diaz has made a lot of great life decisions via Twitter — informing UFC that he wasn’t gonna make his scheduled fight because of a high school reunion and calling fags bitches among them — and now he’s taking interpersonal laziness to a whole new level.

In a tweet made yesterday, Diaz politely asked for his release from UFC because it’s time for him to be on his way. Time to hit the ol’ dusty trail!

At least he was smart enough to tag Dana White, and wasn’t just asking the sentient UFC to release him.

Aside from how hilariously impersonal this is, how could you just “move on” from the thing you were born to do? What else is he gonna do, star in Fast & Furious movies? Think about your fans, Nate. Specifically, think about this guy:

You can’t just flip it. Yum yum.