How Did The Boss Of That Lady From The Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Respond To Her Decision?

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02.03.14 5 Comments

Puppets by Gwen

One of the few commercials that we didn’t get to see weeks before the Seattle Seahawks steamrolled the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl XLVIII came to us from Go Daddy, and for once it didn’t feature a woman with massive breasts awkwardly flirting with Danica Patrick. Instead, this ad featured actor John Turturro telling us about a woman named “Gwen” who was “quitting” her “job” to start her own “website” so she could sell her homemade puppets. Obviously, I’m going crazy on quotation marks, because advertising is full of poop, and there’s no way that Gwen is a real person who quit her real job.

Right??? Wrong.

While Gwen doesn’t want people knowing her last name, she revealed on TODAY this morning that she is, in fact, a real person who really quit her real job so that she could pursue her real passion of making adorable puppets. The 36-year old woman has worked for a large refrigeration company for half of her life, but her passion has been puppets, just like the one that she used to tell her actual boss in front of a bazillion people that she was leaving.

Gwen claims that her boss, Ted, truly had no clue that the commercial was coming, but once it aired, she emailed him an official resignation, which was quickly followed by a text message from Ted. Was the guy pissed off that he had to find out this way? Just the opposite, actually.

“It was epic,” Gwen told TODAY on Monday.

Instead of being upset, she said, her boss told her: “You’ve got to be kidding. Wow. Great commercial.”

“He was laughing his can off,” Gwen said. “It was super cool.” (Via TODAY)

Obviously, this is good news for anyone pursuing a career as an operations engineer for a refrigeration company in New York. But you’d better work a little harder on that résumé, because it seems like you’ve got some fun shoes to fill.

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