Jeff Zucker Wants Us To All Have More Jay Leno In Our CNN, Apparently

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CNN honcho Jeff Zucker has reportedly offered Jay Leno a late night show on the cable news network. Oh God no please no.


Jeff Zucker Is Planning Big Changes At CNN. Here Are 5 Ways He Can Fix The Network.

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Former NBC president Jeff Zucker is planning a shake up at CNN and we try to help with some productive tips.


Watch Jon Stewart Take Down CNN And Its Stupid Hologram Goats

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On last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart ripped apart Jeff Zucker's new vision for CNN. It was glorious.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Be Headed To CNN To Host A Morning Show

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According to Page Six, "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still on her way out, and may end up hosting a morning show on CNN.


After Dumping NBC In The Toilet, Jeff Zucker Has Been Named President Of CNN

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CNN announced today that it is bringing in former NBC top banana Jeff Zucker, famous for bungling the Conan-Leno transition, to serve as its new president.


Twelve Reasons Why NBC Is a Last-Place Network

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In 1976, NBC unveiled a new logo to replace their ubiquitous peacock.


NBC Is Still Kinda Stupid

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Since Comcast took over NBC and ousted Jeff Zucker, the network has started taking small steps toward respectability -- renewing their critically acclaimed comedies, greenlighting promising scripted series, and generally avoiding colossal missteps like putting Jay Leno on at 10 p.


Jeff Zucker is SO Fired

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A couple months ago, Comcast agreed to purchase NBC Universal in a "megashark eats giant octopus" deal.


F U, NBC Cont’d

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NBC's war against comedy has been well documented.


1.19 The Cooler

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Nikki B Has The Look Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 [Culture Shoq] When Life Imitates A Dr.

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TSS Inferno: The Week In People That Suck

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Maybe it’s been the amount of free time I’ve had this week, but I’ve been catching up with this television show called The News and it’s pretty interesting.



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I've written a lot of words about Jay Leno being a hack and NBC sucking, but I haven't dedicated nearly enough time to the ham-fisted, thumb-fingered mongoloids responsible for the network's late-night fiasco and general suckitude.

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