The Nic Cage-starring, Kevin Smith/Tim Burton-made Superman Film That Never Was

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If this isn't your first time on the internet, chances are you've come across at some point the picture of a stoned-ass Nic Cage wearing a Superman suit over his pooka necklace, or that video of Kevin Smith talking about the time a producer Jon Peters wanted him to write a Superman with three conditions: I don't wanna see him fly, he doesn't wear that f*cking suit, and he has to fight a giant spider in the third act.


Superman Almost Looked Like A Figure Skater (Now With Video)


Last month we posted thankfully didn't finish.


Superman Almost Looked Like an Energy Drink Can or a Figure Skater

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Hey remember Superman Lives, that movie Jon Peters and Kevin Smith Tim Burton were making back in the 90s.



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Hollywood producer Jon Peters is probably most famous to FilmDrunk readers as the guy who told Kevin Smith that he didn't want his Superman to fly or wear a cape, but that he had to fight a giant spider in the third act (I've included that video after the jump).

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