Nic Cage Almost Played Superman, And Here’s A Video Of Him In The Superman Suit As Proof

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Back in the ’90s, Warner spent about $50 million developing (then canceling) Superman Lives, a Superman movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Nic Cage. You may have heard about it when we posted Facebook photos of the suits along with a video of Kevin Smith talking about writing a script for the film in which — at producer Jon Peters’ insistence — Superman would fight a giant spider in the third act.

Director Jon Schnepp crowdfunded a documentary about the shelved project, called The Death of Superman Lives, which is going on sale July 9 and will also have a booth (#3915) at San Diego Comic-Con. They released the clip above to the L.A. Times which includes the best footage yet of Nic Cage in one of the Superman suits.

As for why Warner pulled the plug on the film after spending so much money, Nic Cage theorizes, “Maybe Warner Bros. got scared because they had two artists that weren’t afraid to take chances.”

If only Warner were so unafraid to take chances that they recast Batman v Superman with the ultimate dream team:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Just Us.

(Via the L.A. Times)