Breaking News: Maccabi Haifa In Serious Contract Discussions With Jordan Farmar

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While another New Jersey point guard, Deron Williams, has already agreed to an overseas contract, another may be on his way.

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Why The Nets Are A Perfect Fit For Josh Smith

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Last season there was a lot of hope in New Jersey about the Nets.

Troy Murphy

Fantasy Trade Analysis: Deron Williams To The Nets

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The big NBA news today (so far, at least) is a deal that sends Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, two first-round draft picks and $3 million.


Fantasy Trade Analysis: Terrence Williams To Houston

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A three-team deal emerged Tuesday night that had the New Jersey Nets send Terrence Williams to the Houston Rockets and Joe Smith to the Los Angeles Lakers.


Amar’e drops 30 to fight off Nuggets; Carmelo set on Knicks?

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Just like when the Pacers go to The Palace, it's become standard for any Knicks/Nuggets game at MSG to come standard with an air of hostility.

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Cleveland should show LeBron “nothing but love,” says Cavs teammate

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On paper, it's a matchup between an 11-8 team and a 7-10 team.


Battier bests Kobe to keep L.A. losing streak alive

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The Houston broadcast guys put it best: "Shane Battier looks like Kobe Bryant.


Amar’e vs. Lopez in MSG shootout; Kobe’s Lakers lose three straight

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If you ever questioned the difference between a "quiet" basketball performance and a loud one, you wouldn't anymore after watching last night's Knicks/Nets game.


NBA Unveils All-New On-Court Uniforms

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Technology is always evolving in the modern society.


Is There Room for Allen Iverson in the NBA?

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For editing purposes, The Allen Iverson Story would flow so much better had we gone straight from February 1993 to Summer 2010.

Travis Outlaw

The Nets Aren’t As Big Of A Free Agency Loser As You May Think

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As a Nets fan I really thought this would be the summer of change.

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Conspiracy Theory

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You knew this was coming: Once D-Wade, LeBron and Bosh essentially formed a super-squad on their own, accusations of tampering and collusion would arise.


Derek Fisher or Steve Blake: Who should start for the Lakers?

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With the Lakers agreeing to terms with Steve Blake over the weekend, the natural question is what does this move mean for Derek Fisher.

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Lakers agree to $16 million deal with Steve Blake

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Going into the offseason, about the only thing the L.


NBA Free Agency Day 1 Highlights

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Before the first two big fish got snatched up -- Rudy Gay taking $80 million from the Grizzlies and John Salmons about $40 million from Milwaukee -- Day 1 of NBA free agency was shaping up to be the day of the talented-yet-underachieving big man.

Rudy Gay

NBA Rumors: Joe Johnson gets a max offer, Ray Allen staying in Boston

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So far Day 1 of NBA free agency isn't going as fast and furious as some might have wanted, but that doesn't mean there's not a lot of meetings and movement already.

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