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Stephen Colbert Went After Google CEO Larry Page Last Night Over The Internet Getting His Height Wrong


The height peers really speak for themselves. "Seriously, 5'10"? Those are Matt Damon numbers!"


So This Is Happening: James Cameron And The Google Founders Are Looking For Asteroid Mining Interns


James Cameron, the Google founders, and several other absurdly rich folks put out a job offering for their asteroid mining start-up, Planetary Resources.


Mark Zuckerberg Is The Most Popular Google+ User

It seems like only last week that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was joining Google+ (probably because it was just last week), and yet he's now the most followed Google+ user.


How Will Google Survive Without Their Adult Supervision?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be stepping down into an "Executive Chairmen" role starting April 4th of this year, and Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO.

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