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Captain Phillips’ Crewmates Called Captain Phillips ‘One Big Lie’

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Tom Hanks is earning rave reviews and huge Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Captain Richard Phillips in the aptly-titled Captain Phillips, which had a pretty solid debut this weekend <a href="" target="_blank">with $26 million at the box office</a>.


THQ Rises From The Grave To, Uh, Sue People

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THQ is back, a shambling litigious zombie, and the first brains it wants are EA's and the UFC's.


The Hollyweird Legal Roundup, with Buttockus Finch

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VINCE'S NOTE: Every week, a flurry of lawsuits blows through the entertainment industry.

AEG Entertainment

So Michael Jackson's Promoter Got Cleared In His Death Lawsuit

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AEG Entertainment got cleared of Michael Jackson's death in a landmark lawsuit that has taken four years to unfold, finalizing a four year long lawsuit.


Rick Santorum adds “producing movies” to the list of things he sucks at

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Former Senator and cum fart cocktail namesake Rick Santorum was tapped, with much ballyhoo, to be CEO of a faith-based film studio called EchoLight Studios <a href="" target="_blank">back in June</a>.


The best parts of this hilarious ‘Trouble with the Curve’ lawsuit

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In a lawsuit filed today in federal court, a producer is alleging that the Clint Eastwood/Amy Adams baseball drama Trouble with the Curve (if you haven't seen that, at one point, Clint Eastwood sings "You Are My Sunshine" to his dead wife's tombstone, it's f*cking bananas) ripped off a screenplay he commissioned called "Omaha.


Apple Is Offering Refunds To Customers Who Bought The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’ In Two Parts

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After a number of "Breaking Bad" fans filed a lawsuit, Apple is refunding the $22.99 customers were forced to pay for the second half of the final season.


M.I.A. Called Her Super Bowl Middle Finger A ‘Punk Rock’ Display Of Female Empowerment

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In a video response to the NFL's lawsuit, rapper M.I.A. said that Madonna's teenage cheerleaders were far more offensive than her own middle finger.


M.I.A. Threatens To Expose The NFL For Its Hypocrisies Over The Middle Finger Lawsuit

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While most people will forever remember Super Bowl XLVI as that time that the New England Patriots still couldn't beat the New York Giants, a few people out there still might talk about it as that time that <a href="" target="_blank">rapper M.I.A. flipped off the camera and mouthed “I don’t give a sh*t.”</a> Actually, those people do exist and they’re lawyers, because the NFL and M.


Sexual Harassment Suit Against ICP Includes Dildos, Vagina Tighteners, and Guns, Obviously

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If you've been reading my <a href="" target="_blank">Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diaries</a>, you know that Juggalos, ie fans of Insane Clown Posse, have their own unique codes of morality and social conduct, and that those codes can seem foreign to those who are not and who've never been down with the clown.


Everyone Comes Across As A Monster In Lady Gaga’s Hilarious ‘Queen Of The Universe’ Lawsuit

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Lady Gaga called herself the "Queen of the Universe" in this so-dumb lawsuit.

blurred lines

Marvin Gaye’s Son Is Still Talking About Suing Robin Thicke, Who Is Already Suing Him

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Marvin Gaye III told TMZ that he is still considering taking legal action against Robin Thicke for allegedly stealing his late father's music.


Robin Thicke Is Suing Marvin Gaye’s Family

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In order to protect "Blurred Lines" from Marvin Gaye's family, or something, Robin Thicke and Pharrell are suing them.


Your YouTube Metallica Cover Could Get You Sued, No Matter How Terrible It Is

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Think twice before uploading a cover song to YouTube. You could get sued.


Ben & Jerry’s Successfully Sued A Porn Studio Over Trademark Infringement

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As a testament to just how deep <a href="" target="_blank">the well of porn parody goes</a>, the folks at Ben & Jerry’s recently had to file a lawsuit against North Hollywood adult film company Caballero Video because of a new series of adult films with names based on the iconic ice cream company’s flavors.

boob jobs

An English 'Glamour Model' Is Suing The NHS Over Her Free Breast Enhancement

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A 23-year old aspiring English glamour model named Josie Cunningham is suing the NHS after she claimed that he free breast implants ruined her life.


Paula Deen Allegedly Ordered Her African-American Cook To Dress Like Aunt Jemima

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The never-ending parade of racist accusations against Paula Deen continues.

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