The Wire

A Collection of the Best Quotes from Maxim's Oral History of 'The Wire'

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This Saturday marked the tenth anniversary of the debut of "The Wire.


Battle Bang: 'Real-life cage fighting for poontang!'

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On today's edition of Holy Sh*t, That Exists.


The 25 Greatest 'Manswers' Screencaps

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For far too long, I was ignorantly unaware – until movie blogger/world record holder for most Max von Sydow puns in a single article (one), Vince Mancini, introduced me to possibly the greatest show ever: “Manswers.


Frotcast 92: HOTT GOSS, Stand Up with Joe King & Pauly, The Ultimate Manswer

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Listen on the player above, or Pretty straightforward 'cast for you guys this week, just a little HOTT GOSS™ with Ashley Burns, running down the latest in fake celebrity gossip, plus a little stand-up from Pauly Casillas/Dangerously and Joe King (I'll include mine next week), and general movie talk (Michael Bay/TMNT gate, John Carter, etc.

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