A 13-Year Old Received The Surprise Of His Life At The Free Throw Line

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When 13-year old Derrick Johnson stepped to the free throw line during a game, he didn't expect to be comforted by his mom when he missed his shot.


This Eighth-Grader Will Sink Game-Winning Full Court Shots Whenever He Damn Well Pleases

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8th-grader Easton Gamoke of Minnesota drained a game-winning full court shot, then did it again to prove it wasn't a fluke.


What This Middle School Football Team Did To Support Their Disabled Waterboy Might Make You Weepy

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A middle school football team dressed up like Danny Keefe, their kindergarten waterboy, to show him they love him.


Olivet Middle School’s ‘Secret Play’ For A Disabled Teammate Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

By | 9 Comments

Michigan's Olivet Middle School football team put together a "secret play" for a teammate with a disability, and it changed the lives of everyone involved.


An Oregon Middle School Football Coach Was Fired For Planning A Party For His Team At Hooters

By | 10 Comments

A middle school football coach in the Portland, Oregon area was fired for planning a team party at Hooters.


‘Middle School’ Is A Mash-Up Of Every Pop Punk Song You Won’t Admit You Once Loved

By | 23 Comments

A SoundCloud user named Dr. Brixx used 41 pop punk and rock songs from the last 15 years to create a mash-up entitled "Middle School".


Obama Writes Best Absence Note Ever for Fifth Grader

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Logical analysis: President Obama was in Golden Valley, MN, on Friday, and fifth grader Tyler Sullivan wanted to see him speak.

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