This Eighth-Grader Will Sink Game-Winning Full Court Shots Whenever He Damn Well Pleases

This is Easton Gamoke.

In addition to having a name that sounds like a Pennsylvania regional slur, he’s an eighth-grader at Winona (Minn.) Middle School who is now SportsCenter Famous for sinking an incredible, full court game-winning shot. It’s the kind of once-in-a-lifetime miracle moment that brightens the spirit, gets the heart racing and makes us, if only for a moment, happy that people are recording everything everywhere constantly.

Incredible, right? Easton’s shot became an online sensation, prompting tons of supportive YouTube comments like:


A local news team brought in Easton to prove how difficult that shot he drained was, asking him to stand on one side of the court and hurl up basketballs again and again to show the futility of trying to sink a basket like that.

Easton, being Easton, drained it again. On the first try.

So there you have it. Easton Gamoke is really great at clutch shots from way downtown. But the question remains … is that guy on YouTube really black?

h/t to Prep Rally

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