This Sexual Tyrannosaurus Designed A Predator-Style Ammo Pack


Members of the Iowa National Guard deployed in Afghanistan were dealing with a logistics issue.


Wanna Mess With A Shotgun Full O’ TASERs?


Desperately want to tase someone until they lose control of their bowels, but too lazy to get within a couple feet of them.

#Star Trek

An Awesome Wedding Proposal, Shell Game Cat, and Links


For the troops:  Comics Care Package #7 [<a href="">Geektress</a>] PBS.


Soldiers With Kittens, Memorial Day Links


A Gallery of Soldiers with Kittens [EgoTV] 30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection [WithLeather] Rape Van Driver Discovered To Be Master Of Incredible 70s Photography [Filmdrunk] 13 years later, we still miss you, Phil Hartman [WarmingGlow] The Best Of 2011 [...].


It Mostly Comes Out When You Breathe. Mostly.


California-based company signals strong enough to detect motion through reinforced concrete.


Do We Finally Have a Dog Remote?


We've got good news and bad news.


Today In Blowing Stuff Up More Efficiently

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It's not every day the Army introduces a new grenade launcher straight out of our video-game fueled fantasies.


Awful Bureaucracy, Extinction Level Events, and Lady Gaga


Liam Brentley is a 25 year old British Royal Marine who was shot in the head by the Taliban while serving in Afghanistan.


US Government Working On M.A.S.K. Technology


The US government has big plans for the battlefield of the future and they look a sound an awful lot like an 80's toy commercial.


Aliens Don't Like Nukes: Echo Flight Incident Declassified

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Yesterday during a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.


Tank Skateboard Eats Segways For Breakfast

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<a href="">Ben Gulak</a> at <a href="">BPG Werks</a> put up some new videos for his DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder, which is a fancy way of saying it's a tank skateboard.


The Navy Pioneers the Future In Underpants


The Navy spending a bunch of money on <a href="">futuristic sweat-detecting underpants</a> sounds like a bad joke, or the beginning of some politician whining about pork barrel spending because they weren't built in his district or something.


Military Finally Making Phasers, Achieving First, Best Destiny

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It has long been the dream of Star Trek nerds everywhere; to bring together the disparate races and ideologies of mankind under one banner, to go forth and explore the stars, and to lay down some laser-show whoop-ass on any uppity ridgy-headed alien who thinks he knows better than the enlightened human race.


Six Soldiers Who Are Cooler Than You

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For Memorial Day we compiled this list of six soldiers who are cooler than you.

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