monster movies

Let These Streamable Monster Movies Attack Your Weekend

Be they human-sized beasties or behemoths that make the world shake when they move, these are some of moviedom's best monsters.

michael keaton

Michael Keaton Is Negotiating To Be The Next Actor To Explore ‘Kong: Skull Island’


Rumor has it the 'Batman' actor may be running with the dinosaurs in the next King Kong film.

kong: skull island

‘Kong: Skull Island’ Will Team Up J.K. Simmons And Tom Hiddleston


Loki and J. Jonah Jameson will fight dinosaurs. Yes, sometimes Hollywood does have a good idea.

viewing guide

Godzilla: A Viewer’s Guide To Every ‘Godzilla’ Movie


There are twenty nine Godzilla movies for your viewing pleasure. Here, we guide you to the good ones, as well as the really, really funny ones.

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