How Can Bryan Cranston And Godzilla Compete With A Swimming T-Rex?

Just when you thought it was safe to take the Kaiju genre seriously thanks to 'Pacific Rim' and 'Godzilla' and the fine work of Legendary for never leaving a genre behind no matter how beaten down. Just as they were about to limp across the finish line, 'Poseidon Rex' shot them in the back.

How can any movie monster hope to compete with the straight-to-DVD absurdity that has taken the genre by storm? 'Poseidon Rex' dares to ask the important question of what if the dinosaurs didn't go extinct? What if instead they evolved unbeknownst to humanity in submerged Spanish galleons to become the most deadly semi-aquatic apex predator to ever exist? And what if they were guarding treasure like some sort of water dragon? AND WHAT IF THEY WALKED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN FLOOR INSTEAD OF SWAM?

Clearly we are dealing with masters of “are they serious or are they in on the joke?” storytelling. Your move, 'Godzilla'.