Outraged Woman Calls Local News Station Over Color Me Badd Being Played In McDonald’s Play Area

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This woman was furious to hear Color Me Badd's hit song in the McDonald's where her children were playing. Tick tock get up stop!

you've got to be f ing kidding me

Someone Asked The Toronto Public Library To Remove ‘Hop On Pop’ Because It Promotes Violence Against Dads

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Claiming that it promotes violence against fathers, a person wanted the Toronto library system to remove 'Hop on Pop' and apologize.


Here’s ‘How To Fight A Baby,’ The Citizen Kane Of Internet Outrage Videos

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'How To Fight A Baby' is a video of a guy playing with a happy baby that has the Internet furious, because that's what the Internet does. Rear naked choke!


A Punk Rock Baby Went Crowdsurfing At Glastonbury Over The Weekend


The baby that went crowd surfing during Glastonbury is more punk than you.

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