Outraged Woman Calls Local News Station Over Color Me Badd Being Played In McDonald’s Play Area

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This woman was furious to hear Color Me Badd's hit song in the McDonald's where her children were playing. Tick tock get up stop!


Someone Asked The Toronto Public Library To Remove ‘Hop On Pop’ Because It Promotes Violence Against Dads

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Claiming that it promotes violence against fathers, a person wanted the Toronto library system to remove 'Hop on Pop' and apologize.


Here’s ‘How To Fight A Baby,’ The Citizen Kane Of Internet Outrage Videos

By | 42 Comments

'How To Fight A Baby' is a video of a guy playing with a happy baby that has the Internet furious, because that's what the Internet does. Rear naked choke!


A Punk Rock Baby Went Crowdsurfing At Glastonbury Over The Weekend


The baby that went crowd surfing during Glastonbury is more punk than you.

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