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Google Hilariously Sticks It To The RIAA In A New Report

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Google is doing its level best to stop piracy... and also trying to tell the RIAA that piracy isn't the problem.

music industry

Sub Pop’s Head Of A&R: We Look For ‘Rivers Of Pennies’


No, "Rivers of Pennies" is not their next band. It's a term for revenue streams.

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See How The Music Industry Has Evolved Over 40 Years, In One GIF

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Take a look, in GIF form, at how the music industry has changed over the past four decades.

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Music Industry Discovers That Giving Consumers What They Want = Less Piracy

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Amazingly, giving the consumers exactly what they want on their terms has meant consumers like paying for music again.


Music Industry Revenue Is Up For First Time Since 1999. This Isn’t All Good News.

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The music industry pulled a reverse NBC, and posted its first revenue gain since 1999.


2012 Was Officially Awful For The Music Industry

By | 11 Comments

Adele has had the top-selling album. Which came out in 2010. Uh oh.


An Interview With Patrick Dierson, The Music Industry’s Go-To Guy For Concert Tour Lighting

By | 4 Comments

Patrick Dierson is an expert in concert tour lighting who's worked with everyone from Kanye West to the Rolling Stones, and we spoke to him about his job.


Brazilian Anti-Piracy Group Alleged To Be Robbing Artists Blind


One of the problems with the RIAA's constant complaints about piracy and how it hurts the artist is that it's an advocacy group for an industry that its own artists aren't necessarily big fans of.


Labels Want Google To Challenge iTunes, Without Their Music


We've explained previously <a href="">how iTunes and its refusal to sell albums</a> is the driving factor in the music industry's plunging revenues (oh noes, ONLY $6.


Nerds Prove DRM Is A Pain In the A$s, Causes Piracy


Hey, remember when music companies were all like "you can't rip our CDs, so there," and then people said "Hey, <a href="">I can use a Sharpie and defeat your controls</a>".

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