Teen Wolf of Wall Street

The ‘Teen Wolf Of Wall Street’ Comes Clean, Admits He’s Made Zero Dollars Investing In The Stock Market

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24 hours ago, Mohammed Islam was a 17-year-old multi-milionaire and the toast of the world, now he has admitted it was all fiction.

new york magazine

Lake Bell Is Naked On The New Cover Of New York Magazine

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Lake Bell apparently has no problem getting naked in front of a camera. Praise Jesus.


NY Mag: Celebrities, ‘Influencers’ Are The Core Of Twitter’s Buisness Model


The new issue of New York magazine out today includes a massive cover story on the inner workings of Twitter that I just read and found sort of interesting, particularly a part in which a handful of celebrities and the "internet famous" are revealed to be the backbone holding Twitter together.


Amy Poehler’s 30 UCB Alter Egos

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Were you like me and the only one of your friends who watched Upright Citizens Brigade when it aired on Comedy Central in the late nineties.


Rebecca Black Was Profiled By New York Magazine. Yes, I’m Serious.

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Did you know that New York magazine published a profile of Rebecca Black in its new issue.

zach braff

New Zach Braff Play Inspiring Hatred Across The Land


As you probably don't know, Zach Braff wrote a play titled All New People.

Will Lietch

Lessons In e-Thuggin’

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The title "Blogger" sounds so primitive.

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