Jrue Holiday Destroys The Knicks; Kyrie Irving Breaks Toronto’s Heart

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The NBA All-Star Game is a showcase normally reserved for the great players who actually win games, and yet we haven't heard one complaint about how Jrue Holiday is going to Houston next month.


Damian Lillard Rocked The Rim With A Huge Dunk In Summer League


Now that the Trail Blazers have rid themselves of Raymond Felton, it looks like their heir apparent to the point guard position is Damian Lillard.


Chris Kaman Steals Chris Paul’s Homecoming; Michigan State Gets Rocked


It's true what Thomas Wolfe wrote, that you can't go home again.


Dwight Howard crushes injury-depleted Suns

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Could you, with a straight face, make an argument that Robin Lopez is more valuable to the Phoenix Suns than Steve Nash.


Celtics give LeBron a Cleveland flashback; Lakers get their rings

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As expected, the majority of the mainstream covered last night's Celtics/Heat season opener from the "Miami lost" angle more than the "Boston won" perspective.

#LeBron James

Top 10 NBA Training Camp Position Battles

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In the NBA's offseason, coaches are just like fantasy owners: Tinkering with their roster at home like kids would arrange and re-arrange battalions of plastic Army toys, to the point where some already have a rotation in place by the time training camp begins.


Defending world champions lose; Carmelo and Tyreke teammates?

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Our business is prone to over-exaggeration: It was the best dunk ever, the worst trade ever, the sickest pair of sneakers ever, etc.


FIBA World Championship Preview: 10 Teams To Watch

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For the basketball-starved among us tired of reading free agency and trade rumors, this summer's biggest on-court hoops event is finally ready to tip-off.

Ryan Gomes

Portland’s Biggest Offseason Pick-Up Is Ready To Dominate

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It's never fun to be the last player in the green room on Draft Day.


How Valuable is Kevin Pritchard to the Blazers?

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Over the weekend, rumors surfaced suggesting Trail Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard's days with the team are numbered.


Rudy Fernandez could be on the trading block

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By the numbers, Rudy Fernandez's second year in the NBA was pretty identical to his first.


“Brandon Roy is gonna fight!”

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So it wasn't exactly Willis Reed or Daniel LaRusso, but the scene in Portland when Brandon Roy stepped back onto the court yesterday was pretty amazing nonetheless.


The Real NBA Coach of the Year will get snubbed in 2010

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Even more than MVP, the Coach of the Year award needs a criteria makeover.


New Jersey Drive: Nets upset NBA title contender for 6th win

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If you thought last Thursday's loss to the Cavs was a sign the Celtics don't have enough in the tank to win a championship this year, Saturday's loss to the New Jersey Nets -- yes, we said the New Jersey Nets -- was all the confirmation you needed.


Nuggetz With Attitude

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There were just too many elements conspiring against the Mavs going into last night's game in Denver.


Craziness at the Garden; Blake Griffin’s official NBA baptism

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You know the only way a preseason game between the Knicks and a team that isn't even in the NBA would crack the sports highlights shows on an NFL and baseball playoffs Sunday is if something crazy happened.

Travis Outlaw

Portland Trail Blazers ’09-10 NBA season preview

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Last year we debuted the "Highs and Lows" system -- previewing the NBA season by predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.


NBA players discouraged from FIBA ball: Right or wrong?

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I know three things about the National Hockey League: 1.

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