Robocop is a transformer who fights Al-Qaeda now

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Up until recently, it seemed like MGM's Robocop remake was making all the right moves.


Gran Torino guy is writing the Robocop remake

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Rebooting Robocop as an <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/11/new-robocop-will-be-an-origin-story-basically" target="_blank">origin story</a> seemed like a terrible idea, but then MGM hired the director of the <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/11/sundance-review-elite-squad-2-is-face-meltingly-kick-ass" target="_blank">pants-poopingly awesome </a>Elite Squad 2 (Jose Padilha) to direct, and suddenly it like only a mildly terrible idea.

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