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Here’s Michael Shannon Trying Out Necrophilia In James Franco’s Short Film ‘Herbert White’

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James Franco and Michael Shannon teamed up to make a film about a serial killer that has sex with his dead victims. Classic Franco.

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NYU Is Offering An Actual Course About Puff Daddy’s Contributions To Urban Culture

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Students can now take the 'Sean Combs & Urban Culture' course at NYU to learn about Puff Daddy's immense influence over the last 20 years.

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Here’s A Great Photo Of Rick Rubin In His Old NYU Dorm

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The new Rick Rubin stopped by his old NYU dorm for Rolling Stone.

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James Franco’s NYU professor is suing him

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You may remember back in December former NYU professor Santana is seeking unspecified monetary damages in the Manhattan Supreme Court civil action against Franco.

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NYU prof directed James Franco in a Lifetime Original, basically

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After the jump, I've got the trailer for The Letter, starring James Franco and Winona Ryder, and it's shots like the one above that make me think, "Wait, this is a real movie.


Hipsters Are Roaming The Campus > Every Other College Orientation Video

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Facing the grim hipster realities of attending NYU is a challenge for all incoming freshmen, so The Reality Show, NYU's award-winning orientation program created this informative video to ease the transition.

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James Franco to teach slam poetry at NYU or something

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In addition to his class "Editing James Franco with James Franco" at Columbia College, getting his PhD in English at Yale (but no longer producing a student-run musical), staging real gang fights with Harmony Korine, becoming the next Perez Hilton, screening a 12-hour movie cut from a 90-minute movie, and God knows what else, James Franco has agreed to teach a graduate film course at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, on the subject of adapting poems into short films.


Big Boi’s Mystery Show @ NYU

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It isn’t just the kinda-old hip-hop heads who wanna see OutKast return.

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