Parry Gripp’s Latest Musical Masterpiece Is About ‘Boppity Bunnies’


By golly, Parry Gripp has done it again with 'Boppity Bunnies.'


Good Luck Getting Parry Gripp’s New Song ‘Burrito Van’ Out Of Your Head Today

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Nerf Herder frontman Parry Gripp is back with another hyper-catchy song, this one titled "Burrito Van." BURRITO VAN!


Frotcast 225: In Which We Interview Nerd Punk Pioneer And YouTuber Extraordinaire Parry Gripp

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We cover the career of Parry Gripp, from "Weezer knock off" lead singer, to the hottest jingle and theme song writer in Hollywood.

pop punk

Nerf Herder Needs Your Help To Make A Long Overdue New Album

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Parry Gripp and the guys of Nerf Herder are offering fans the chance to help them make their first album since 2008's 'Nerf Herder IV.'


Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Hilariously Disturbing

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"Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" uses turtle facts to animate these horrifying, salmonella-ridden, giant-wanged Ninja Turtles.


Mini Pancakes


The latest track from upbeat songmaker Parry Gripp is all about tiny pancakes.


Baby Bunny


The latest track from funny song maker Parry Gripp celebrates baby bunnies.


The Westboro Baptist Church Has An Opinion On The Aurora Shootings, Care To Guess?

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In the wake of the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado, we’ve unfortunately heard from some serious scumbags who have used the deaths of innocent people to push their political agendas or simply gain notoriety.


Parry Gripp's Early Contender for Song of the Summer & Your Morning Links


A new song from Parry Gripp: "Raccoon Eating Nachos.


The Rupert Grint Song by Parry Gripp is a new internet high-water mark

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Look, I realize I'm not the person to talk about Parry Gripp without slipping into hyperbole, because I think everything he does is great, Space Unicorn is my favorite song, and he was the only celebrity I ever cyber-stalked until he agreed to be on the Frotcast (outside of Rob Huebel).


Links With The Meow Percent


The Globe and Mail Makes Fun of Celebrity Excess Through the Lens of Occupy Wall Street |UPROXX| The 10 Finest Pop Culture Charts From Dan Meth’s Pop Culture Charts Series |UPROXX| I Sold My Copy Of Madden 12…And Here’s Why |TSS| Aaron Rodgers [...].


This Video Is Internet.


VIDEO ABOVE: This video made by MAD aired on the Cartoon Network.


Penguins wearing funky shoes & morning links

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Here's Parry Gripp's latest, Penguin Wearing a Funky Shoe.


New Parry Gripp! Yay!

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It's rare that a bad day starts with a new Parry Gripp video.


Frotcast 41: The Parry Gripp Interview

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(the player below takes a second to load.


The Essential Parry Gripp Collection

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With Vince scoring an interview with Parry Gripp for tomorrow's Frotcast (one many Hollywood movers and shakers are calling "the most important interview of all time ever in the history of things that have been or will ever be"), I figured it would be a good idea to put together a post full of the videos that made Parry Gripp so beloved around these parts.

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