Wes Welker Doing The Dougie Is Missing One Important Ingredient To Viral Success


Like Jeremy Lin Does The Dougie and "Teach Me How To Gundy" before it, this clip of Wes Welker, Patrick Willis and Larry Fitzgerald holding Dougie Dance-Offs at ProCamps youth football camps will be forever compared to that one time Kate Upton got bored at a basketball game and semi-Dougied on video.


And The Moneyball Parodies Keep Coming!

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Millenball - watch more funny videos So far this week we've shared with you Tinyballs, Saturday Night Live's parody of Moneyball, and College Humor's Too Much Moneyball, but it's not over yet -- I guess the comedic possibilities of that "fifty feet of crap" speech are too enticing, because Funny Or Die has chimed in with their own version about Matt Millen's run as general manager of the Detroit Lions.


Links: Happy Post-Trade Deadline Monday

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Why I'm Happy: The Cleveland Indians are going to compete.


Patrick Willis Is The Best. Just Ask Him

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In just four years, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis has already taken his place as one of the greats in the game today.


K-Swiss Now Bigger Than Cable Television And/Or Drugs


It looks like Funny Or Die has officially embraced the longstanding Tosh.



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Not many of us were subjected to the crapocity of the Jets' egg-laying in San Francisco on Sunday, so you may have missed this spine-crushing hit on Brad Smith, who somehow got up and walked away after Patrick Willis bent him in half.

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