Wes Welker Doing The Dougie Is Missing One Important Ingredient To Viral Success

Like Jeremy Lin Does The Dougie and “Teach Me How To Gundy” before it, this clip of Wes Welker, Patrick Willis and Larry Fitzgerald holding Dougie Dance-Offs at ProCamps youth football camps will be forever compared to that one time Kate Upton got bored at a basketball game and semi-Dougied on video.

Kate’s Dougie was named our #1 Sports Moment Of 2011 and has almost 8-million views on each of the 11-million YouTube accounts hosting a copy, but the Welker version has its own charm, namely watching a bunch of kids learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship while dancing to a song containing the lyric, “And when I asked for some head da bitch looked at me funny, daaah!”

I know they’re dancing to the Kidz Bop version (all the “girls” love you, sure), but it’s fun to pretend. A +1 goes out to Welker for being the only pro taped dancing himself, and a +100 to the Kate video, which has once again taken 100% of my attention and is available below. It’s like an old friend.

[h/t to NESN]