Wes Welker Doing The Dougie Is Missing One Important Ingredient To Viral Success

06.12.12 6 years ago

Like Jeremy Lin Does The Dougie and “Teach Me How To Gundy” before it, this clip of Wes Welker, Patrick Willis and Larry Fitzgerald holding Dougie Dance-Offs at ProCamps youth football camps will be forever compared to that one time Kate Upton got bored at a basketball game and semi-Dougied on video.

Kate’s Dougie was named our #1 Sports Moment Of 2011 and has almost 8-million views on each of the 11-million YouTube accounts hosting a copy, but the Welker version has its own charm, namely watching a bunch of kids learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship while dancing to a song containing the lyric, “And when I asked for some head da bitch looked at me funny, daaah!”

I know they’re dancing to the Kidz Bop version (all the “girls” love you, sure), but it’s fun to pretend. A +1 goes out to Welker for being the only pro taped dancing himself, and a +100 to the Kate video, which has once again taken 100% of my attention and is available below. It’s like an old friend.

[h/t to NESN]

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