Nick Saban Doesn’t Really Give An Elephant’s Ass If You Like Him Or Not

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When asked if he's upset that Sports Illustrated has him on a list of sports' most disliked people, Nick Saban did his Nick Saban thing.


USC To Lane Kiffin: ‘Don’t Let It Hit You Where The Good Lord Split You’

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After a humiliating loss to Arizona State and a 3-2 start to this season, the USC Trojans have fired Lane Kiffin as head coach.


Lane Kiffin’s Scripted Interview About USC’s Week 2 Loss Was Pretty Awful


How USC football coach Lane Kiffin still has a job, this humble and handsome fart joke maker does not know, but if he’s on the hot seat at all after the Trojans’ humiliating 10-7 loss to unranked Washington State this past Saturday, well, he either doesn’t know or doesn’t give a sh*t.


Bane Kiffin: 'Calm Down Pac-12! Now's Not The Time For Fear, That Comes Later'

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I’ve long admired Lane Kiffin’s coaching career, from his days as an assistant at USC, to his head coaching gig with the Oakland Raiders, to his stint as the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, and now his tenure as the coach of the USC Trojans.


Matt Barkley Is Screwing Everything Up

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If USC quarterback Matt Barkley enters the 2012 NFL Draft, he is a Top 10 draft pick, without a doubt.


Tennessee Fans Still Hate Lane Kiffin

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The Second Harvest Food Bank in Kingston, Tennessee has withdrawn from a fundraiser that is being sponsored by Frontier Firearms because the nonprofit’s leadership believes the theme is in poor taste.

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