joe biden

Joe Biden Called A 3-Year Old Girl Because She ‘Calls’ Him On Her Toy Phone

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Because he's just a cool guy, Vice President Joe Biden called a young girl's family after he learned she had been 'calling' him.

adam sandler

Adam Sandler Made An 8-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia Very Happy

By | 8 Comments

Many of Adam Sandler's recent sins have been forgiven after he called an eight-year-old with leukemia to chat.


Congress Does Something Useful For Once And Moves To Ban In-Flight Calls

By | 17 Comments

In-flight calls may have their FCC ban lifted soon. So Congress is moving to ensure they stay banned.


Will Ferrell Answered A Phone Call From A Journalist’s Mom During An Interview


Next time your phone rings, pick up: it could be Will Ferrell on the other line.

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