Here’s The Resume Tom Brady Made In 2000 When His Future As An NFL Quarterback Wasn’t So Certain

Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round. Few 6th round draft picks make it in the NFL. So Brady needed a resume to have a backup plan.


Try To Guess If The Guy Who Attached A Penis Pic With His Resume Got Hired

You will not get hired if you send a picture of your penis with your resume, for some reason.

Robby Leonardi

NYC Tech Guy Robby Leonardi Has The Coolest Resume Ever

NYC tech guy Robby Leonardi created a resume that is also an interactive video game. He will probably have ALL OF THE JOBS after this goes viral.

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The My Little Pony Resume Isn't The One We Need, But It's The One A Brony Deserves


An intrepid brony created, and distributed online, a My Little Pony resume to advertise his computer programming skills. We had to track down the origin.

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Girl Accidentally Emails Prospective Employer Pic Of Nic Cage, Should Be Hired Immediately


Pretend for a second that you're your an employer and looking to hire someone for a job and a prospective job applicant sends you an email with a pic of crazy-eyed Nic Cage attached to the email in place of a resume -- what do you do? You hire that person, obviously.

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