NYC Tech Guy Robby Leonardi Has The Coolest Resume Ever

Robby Leonardi is a guy lookin’ for a job. But he ain’t just any guy lookin’ for any job. He’s a talented dude residing in New York City lookin’ for a cool job. So he made what may possibly be the best resume we’ve ever seen. Period.

Sure, we’ve all seen the hokey YouTube videos of dudes trying to ham it up on the webcam to get a job. But have you seen a video game resume? Robby’s resume is an interactive video game (of sorts, in that you press the down key for most of the time) where Robby has three levels set up. It’s actually really freakin’ cool. So maybe next time instead of the LinkedIn generic ramble, maybe you spend a couple weeks putting together a video game resume. Just a thought. By the way, Robby? You’re hired.

*I can’t actually hire you for anything. But you’re hired nonetheless.

(h/t: It’s Nice That)