Week In Review: Osama Had A Bad Day

If I had to choose the biggest one hit wonder of modern popular music (I have to be fair to that hack Perotin) it would be, without a single doubt in my head, Daniel Powter and his ridiculously catchy “Bad Day” that once dominated the airwaves.


Apple Made More Money Than Microsoft?

For the first time in 20 years, Microsoft reported a smaller profit than Apple last quarter.


And The Award For The Most Insufferable Royal Wedding Tweet Goes To…


NBC golden child Luke Russert, for this gem, which I think would also make a rather hilarious caption for the photo above: If anything I hope all the young girls of #USA can see what true beauty and elegance is.


Corgi Friday: Royal Wedding Edition


All week long, I was able to take the mounting media blitz for the royal wedding in stride, because I knew that I could use it as an excuse for a special royal edition of Corgi Friday.


50 Actual Items That You Can Buy To Celebrate The Royal Wedding


When all is said and done and Prince William and Kate Middleton say, “Oi do”, retail stores in and around London are expected to have pulled in as much as £550 million in profit.


Week In Review: Can You Feel Him Now? The Verizon Guy Speaks Out

It's hard to imagine being the face of something, whether a corporation, professional sports franchise, an entire genre of music, or even a country's government.

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